Andy Gray and Fluid Games Announce Fluid Football Versus is Available Now

Fluid Football Versus (Fluid Football VS) is the sequel to Fluid Football – which has achieved over 3 million downloads and has been the number 1 sports and strategy game in over 40 countries. The game has also recently been selected by T3 Magazine as one of the Top 10 ‘Best football games ever made’* on consoles, computers and phones.

Andy Gray declares about Fluid Football Versus: “This is what football is all about. Tactical opportunity, team creativity and individual brilliance. Head-to-head this really tests you as a manager and a player. This mobile game delivers on all fronts and I absolutely love it

Football Versus is a football game with much more than just a “flick” ! Developed for mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad and Android, it combines tactical and action gameplay in which you can use intuitive touch controls to position and direct your whole team as well as controlling individual players to run, dribble, pass, shoot and score.

Fluid Football Versus introduces for the first time to the franchise multiplayer gameplay in which you can challenge your friends through Facebook to play head-to-head matches.

Post-match analysis is provided by renowned football pundits and tactical experts Andy Gray and Richard Keys. Gray, as part of Gray Cooper Media, has collaborated with the game designers to bring his passion for football and tactical expertise to create this truly immersive and realistic game experience.

Challenge your friends and millions of Fluid Football fans to two player head-to-head matches or hone your skills in dozens of single player challenges.

Key Features include:

Challenge your friends in head-to-head matches. Invite them through Facebook then play in a battle of tactics, speed and precision as you face a vast array of challenges.

New challenges for single player cups to provide hours of gaming and prepare you to take on your friends in 2 player matches.

Designed by professional football experts Andy Gray and Richard Keys for unrivalled depth and realism.

Highly intuitive drawing-based controls enable you achieve complex moves for your whole team simultaneously as well as individual player precision passing and shooting – all with simple swipe controls.

Switch effortlessly between top down panoramic view for team control and close up 3D view for precision goal shooting.

Full kit designer allowing millions of combinations including home, away and third kit.

Even the best players miss sometimes – but that doesn’t have to be game over in Fluid Football Versus. Rewind time then try a different tactic or take a new shot to finish in style.

Boost you players’ abilities for maximum pace and accuracy.

Developed by the team behind Fluid Football and key players from the development of console games LMA Manager and Club Football.

Fluid Football Versus is available free for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices now.

PLAY IT NOW on your iPhone or iPad!

NEW! Also available on Android

* – T3’s “Best Football Games”