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Welcome to Fluid Football Team Talk!

Fluid Football Team talk is the destination for sharing your ideas and suggestions for Fluid Football (including Fluid Football Versus, Pro and Free)!

We’ll keep this nice and short!
This is pretty much an open forum for everyone to discuss any and all things Fluid Football and football related. While you’re free to talk about whatever you like – we do have just a few guidelines that we’d like you to bare in mind.

Be polite and respectful.
Be nice to each other. We like nice people – and we’re sure you do too.If anyone posts anything discriminatory based on race, sex, sexual orientation or religion, they will be banned without question.

Be Safe.
By safe, we mean – don’t post links to explicit content, pirated material – anything that’s likely to get fellow readers into trouble clicking on it.

Have fun.
That’s what we’re here for.

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